Blacked Out

The Story

Eric Garcia has made a terrible mistake. According to him, his life is over. He stews in an empty existence. Love and intimacy are a thing of the past. Pain thrives. Regret rewinds back and forth in his mind.
Then there is the beautiful Christina, the woman he is not supposed to be in love with. He's crazy about her--she is the woman he has always dreamed of doing all the stupid, wonderful things couples spend their lives doing. He dreams about her like a schoolboy dreams about his first crush, and he hates himself for it. He tells himself it is wrong. It can never happen. She is the forbidden fruit.

When Christina admits to Eric that she is in love with him, Eric panics. He betrays his feelings and rejects her. Struggling with his broken heart, Eric tumbles into a destructive cycle where he relives the night of his mistake.